Food Drop is a division of IRBN Foods a wholesale distributor based in South Bend, IN. We source, warehouse and distribute hundreds of truckloads of food and personal care items all over the United States annually. In 2012 our local food bank asked us to assist with sourcing, equipment and personnel to provide wholesale food and personal care items for a large holiday offering at a local church. This church didn’t simply ask us for a quote, they invited us to explore and find our place in a simply remarkable event their dedicated team had been developing for several years. Our exploration resulted in a simply beautiful experience that changed our lives and infused our business with a new focus. Whether you believe in the divine, destiny, karma or shear dumb luck this event would change us on a deep personal level. IRBN is the muscle, the brain and the vessel. Food Drop is heart. It is passion, it’s mission, it’s hope, it’s personal fulfillment and it can be whatever you make it. When defining experiences of passion or vision, clarity is easily lost. Food Drops are a completely customizable experience. Visit our video page for dozens of examples of what others have done or Contact us to explore how a Food Drop will change you.


As with the case of our very first drop our experienced team is ready to discover what Food Drop will be for you.

Rally to Provide Hope

Community leaders utilize our resources to endorse action. Structuring an efficient transparent food drive within your office lobby or in the middle of parking lot empowers members of your organization to help others.


Spiritual Mission

Our mission is to encourage hope. Food Drops help those in need and inspire all who participate.



Food Drops can provide a transparent method of raising funds for groups assembling to help others. Funding, promotion, and marketing of your event can be done easily by utilizing our Support a Drop application. Food Drop Sponsors maintain full control of every aspect of the distribution of funds solicited. A supporter is assured that every penny is accounted as established by the sponsor.


Emergency Assistance

Our private fleet and vast inventory offers a unique opportunity to immediately take action to help those effected by disaster. We are ready to dispatch in an emergency; enabling you to provide hope in difficult times.


Hunger Relief

Hunger exists in every city, suburb & rural community in the US. More than 15% of people struggle with food insecurity. The rising cost of living, coupled with stagnant wages has forced many Americans to choose between putting food on the table or paying the rent. Food Drop’s products and pricing empowers those wanting to fight hunger thru quality and value.

Who We Drop For

We enjoy the challenge that comes with offering a customizable experience. We’ve sourced truckloads of shower curtains, Christmas trees, bottled water, watermelons, turkeys, toys and nearly everything in-between. Let us know what your vision is and we’ll offer the resources to make it reality.


We have the equipment and resources to provide you with an event you’ll never forget.

Interested in sponsoring a drop?